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Lockjaw, a dynamic force hailing from the vibrant music scene of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, recently marked a significant milestone with the release of their debut full-length LP under the banner of 620 RECORDS. This album represents a compelling new chapter for the band, showcasing their unwavering dedication to crafting music that transcends genre boundaries. From the immersive depth of alternative rock to the impactful edge of heavy metal, Lockjaw fearlessly explores a diverse sonic landscape with an unbridled spirit.


The roots of Lockjaw run deep, originating from the enduring friendship of its members who came together in high school during the late 90s. Fueled by a collective vision to create music that resonates with their own unique voice, Lockjaw embarked on their musical journey in 1998. Swiftly making their mark in the Dallas/Fort Worth music scene, the band released a series of EPs that garnered acclaim, propelling them to the forefront of the local music scene both on stage and in the studio.


In a defining moment, Lockjaw joined forces with renowned producer Chris Collier, celebrated for his work with iconic acts such as Korn, Mick Mars, Flat Black, Prong, and KXM, among others. The result is a collection of songs that capture Lockjaw at the pinnacle of their creativity. Departing from the conventional album release approach, the band strategically unveiled a series of singles throughout 2021-22, providing fans with a continuous flow of content.

Lockjaw's upcoming music epitomizes their charismatic approach to songwriting and performance, favoring an immediate and authentic sound that emphasizes the human connection between the musicians. Drawing inspiration from influences like Metallica, Lamb of God, Stone Sour, Machine Head, and Slipknot, Lockjaw's music promises to resonate with fans of hard-hitting and emotionally charged metal.


Production-wise, Lockjaw's new music meets the highest standards of recording and production. For instance, the mix on tracks like "Breaking Point" is a testament to their commitment to detail, delivering a lively, edgy, and stark sonic experience. Beyond the roaring guitars and energetic rhythm section, the songs reveal subtle nuances that enrich the overall tapestry of sound. Relentless is now available across premier digital streaming platforms, the album promises a sonic journey that encapsulates the band's passion, energy, and unwavering commitment to their craft. Explore the world of Lockjaw, where raw authenticity meets high-octane musical prowess.

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