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       Lockjaw was founded in 1998 by best friends, Jason Morris and Jeff Ogle. The friendship started in Burleson, Texas during the mid 90's when Morris and Ogle met in art class, laughing about old horror movies, the two made friends instantly, only to find out they were both learning the guitar. It was clear that heavy metal, horror movies, and mischief was going to be huge part of this friendship for the next 25 years. Fast forward a few years, both had completed high school and were looking for their path, when they attended a Metallica concert in Fort Worth, in 1997, which would ultimately be the big boost of inspiration that created Lockjaw.

      After a year or so of getting serious and playing with other musicians, Jeff met an old high school friend, Ryan Bass, who played the bass guitar and was also friends with a drummer, Jeremy Peterson. Almost overnight the 4 were working on new material anywhere they could find, which back then wasn't always the easiest task. Dalworthington Gardens, a small community in Arlington, Texas, didn't appreciate the loud noise that came with heavy metal, and a few run ins with the local Police department didn't help with creativity. The group didn't officially have name yet, and after an evening attending the local metal venue, the Tattoo Bar, Jeff found a flyer for Merge Right rehearsal rooms.  Finally a place to practice without violating a noise ordinance. The struggle was real! Working around day job schedules and other obligations, the 4 worked on material for approximately a year, before Ryan exited the band, leaving Jeremy, Jason and Jeff looking for a bass player that loved the particular style of heavy metal as much as they did. As time went, with not much luck funding members Jeremy,  decided to join a few other bands and got out into the music scene in Dallas, which was thriving at the time.


       About 1999, the three reunited and named the band Lockjaw. The name came from a joke between Jason and Jeff, laughing one night in Deep Ellum in Dallas. Jokingly the name came from a made up disease one might catch if not being carful in Dallas. Still on the search for the right bass player, they began writing what would be come the "green skull CD" ,The Original Lockjaw 5 song EP. Released in 2001, after Jeremys long time friend Gabriel Ayala joined the band. Note, (In the middle of this story), the band had gone through several base players and drummers as Jeremy was in and out a few times with other obligations, and work schedules. Once the 2001 EP was recorded at Indian Trail Studios with Producer Alex Gerst, the band began working with other local bands to develop their name in the huge DFW local scene. At the time there was basically two areas to conquer, The     Dallas( Deep Ellum) scene and Fort Worth, which at the time didn't have much of a scene other than the Aardvark, Wreck Room, and the historic Ridglea Theater.


          The band played with some of the best bands to ever come out of the scene such as Element Eighty, Slow Roosevelt, Big Iron, System Overload, A Dying Faith(Legion), and so many more it would be hard to name them all. During this time, Jeff had developed a good relationship with the owners at Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth. Jeff began working with Wesley and Richard at Ridglea to develop a "big lineup" format booking metal shows in Fort Worth. Before social media it was difficult getting music out to new fans without radio play, so Jeff would put 8-10 bands on a bill and each band promote so the show would fill up the venues. After about 6 years, Jason decided his time in Lockjaw was up, and went on to develop his personal career. Keeping the band alive was difficult after losing the front man that had developed so many key signatures of the band. After a few lineup changes, Jeff asked old friend Scott Letz of Legion to join, to play drums, and they begin writing "Tamering with Reason" with Jeremy formerly on drums, now joining Jeff on guitar and Gabriel still on the bass,  they recruited longtime friend Cory Glanton from Dinfusion, who had recently quit his band, and was available.


        Cory worked with the new lineup and brought new fresh ideas, and arrangements, as the band completed their 2005 EP "Tampering with Reason". At the time this was a huge change in style and vocals leaning toward a heavy scream versus the raspy singing style of Jason Morris. From 2005 to 2008 the band released another EP, "Human" featuring "Wretched Sober" and Gold and Silver". This effort was the pinnacle in the bands production and writing, and was the most well produced work yet.  During this time, Jeff had such a good relationship with the Ridglea Theater, Lockjaw was able to perform in front of quite a few national acts, such as, All that Remains , Trivum, Crowbar, Prong, Element Eighty, Slow Roosvelt, with the festival format becoming more and more poplular, it was apparent to Jeff this was the way Lockjaw would be able to get more exposure. The band was heavily involved in Ridglea Metalfest, from 2004-2008, withs one of the biggest names in the rock and metal world. Lockjaw officially retired to have families and careers in late 2009, after 11 years and never getting the " big break" the band had enjoyed some great shows, amazing memories, with fans, friends, follow band mates, and public figures in the DFW music scene.


       Fast forward 7 years, after 3 of the Lockjaw members got married, had kids, companies, and careers, the band got back together in 2015 to perform a show for a close family friend, stricken with Cancer. it was an emotional reunion for members, fans, and friends alike.  With the reminder of how great it was, the band has continued to work together past busy schedules, careers, families and kids, to work on new material and keep Lockjaw alive!

Thanks to all our family, friends and fans the have supported us for 20 years! We have so enjoyed the journey and life that being together has afforded us! It was been a true honor to have you all at our side thought the good times and bad! We have always loved what we did, and loved playing it for you all ever more! 

Jeff Ogle

Cory Glanton

Jeremy Peterson

Gabe Ayala

Scott Letz

Jason Morris

Phillip Morris



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