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Lockjaw 2021! Update

Studio Update-

Its been a long road, but we are very close to finishing the first batch of songs for our upcoming release. We have a ton of new material in production and the first 5 are very close to being done. We are aiming for the first single to drop sometime in August. We will be updating accordingly!

The band has always produced and recorded at GMA studios with engineer Gabriel Ayala, developing the lockjaw sound. We decided to step up our sound this time around this time around to really push ourselves to get the overall result we were looking for, so we brought in Producer, Chris Collier (Korn, Prong, Lynch Mob, KMX) to help us see this vision through.

Also, we welcomed longtime friend Joe Ortiz (Jacknife) to the family to take up vocal duties. Joe's wide range of vocal stylings matched with his passion for music and performing made him the perfect match for Lockjaw. We are so excited to welcome Joe and Chris to the Lockjaw family!

This album is nothing like anything we have done before, but don't worry we will have the same intensity and grit the LJ family have come to expect! New music and tour announcements soon!

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