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Ridglea Metalfest Fans!

Ridglea Metalfest was 1 year ago! Can't believe it! It was such an honor to be able to host such an event at the historic Ridglea Theater. The love within those walls are legendary. So many of our brothers in the DFW scene, have shared that stage building bands name, while perfecting their sound, and stage show. Drowning Pool and Bury your Dead were great, and so gracious to be a part of our event. It meant the world to us that all our fans, friends and family showed up to support us after so long. Our brothers in Big Iron, Secret of Boris, Primal Concrete Cowboys, Leroy the Prophet, Blackstar Republic, Adderim, Kill for Mother, Adakain, and so many more, just killed it. It was an amazing day with amazing people who love what they do. We will see you soon! Stay tuned for Lockjaw news!

Check out the Void Report! Great review!

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Jul 21, 2021

I am the man in the middle!!!💎❤🤘🏻

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